Sunday, 27 September 2015

Mad Max - Insignia 76/77 100% Bug - SOLVED

While playing Mad Max on PS4 i have come across the issue that will cause you to fail getting 100% and the resulting trophies when a bug causes only 76 of 77 Insignias found at camps to be registered. This is despite the fact that you may have the trophies for 100%'ing all camps.

There is a work around however, and i can confirm it does work!

In brief...

  • Save your game (in multiple places if it makes you happy)
  • Close the application
  • Uninstall the game
  • Switch off the PS4
  • Disconnect/Disable your internet connection
  • Switch on the PS4
  • Allow Mad Max to reinstall, do not connect to the net and allow updates to download
  • Start Mad Max
  • Load your saved game (you may need to wait for additional 100% install)
  • The camp called The Edge, located at the bottom of Blackmaws should now be missing.
  • Go to the location, the gate will be back, but no enemy will be present if you have already cleared it out.
  • You should notice all collectables in the camp have returned.
  • Find an Insignia and destroy it.
  • You should now get all 77 and the associated trophies.
The following video shows how to do so, it is in Portuguese but easy to follow...

Big respect to the creator of the video. Thank you very much!


  1. Thanks a lot!!! It's nice to see that it helped someone. Nice explanation, but if the version of the game it's the digital one, the person can't "Disconnect/Disable your internet connection". That was my case. I'll put your explanation in the video's description, if you don't mind.

    1. Good call! Yes i used the physical disc copy. I pulled the ethernet cable just so the system had no chance to try and auto download the updates. Thanks again for finding a solution.

  2. Hello. My mad max account won't let me load my save files as they're from the updated version. What do I do?