Thursday, 13 September 2012

Disable Microsoft Office Upload Centre

I tend to do an occasional audit of my computer and remove unused programs to free up space and memory, along with a quick check of what is starting up after logging into Windows, and not being made full use of and thus wasting resources.

One of these being the Upload Centre that is part of Office 2010, signified by a yellow arrow icon in your system tray.

Fullscreen capture 13092012 200625

Annoyingly if you open the program and look in the settings, there is no option disable it starting when you boot Windows.

Fullscreen capture 13092012 200744

The easiest option i have found to resolve this matter is to use the MSCONFIG trick…

Click the Start button and in the search box at the bottom type MSCONFIG and hit enter…

Click the Startup tab…

Fine the Microsoft Office 2010 items…


Find the one that ends in MSOSYNC.EXE…


Uncheck the box…


Restart your PC on the prompt… (or come back for it later!)


Upon the restart you should not the MSO Sync has now gone Smile

Remember MSCONFIG can also disable other stuff if its clogging up your machine, but do be careful to not stop anything important like your virus software etc...


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