Thursday, 7 June 2012

MP3 - The Saga Continues

I had sort of put my Max Payne 3 issues on the back burner, hoping that another patch would be released soon. However after reporting back to them via Twitter, i received another reply saying that the Rockstar Social Club application may not be working and to reinstall it.

Another curious thing today was all the shortcuts for my current install had lost the plot? The generic Windows icon replaced the “3” that you normally see and clicking them simply caused an error to appear saying the application could not be found/started or something along those lines.

With that i did another uninstall, manual delete and registry clean and set the installer going yet again.

When the install has finished and the Auto-updater appears you do see an update for RSC appear, something along the lines of Version

But with the advice from R* themselves i searched for the Social Club Download.

This is the place you will end up… and the only thing i could really find the relates to any form of full client download for RSC…

The version for that is v1.1.3.0 and seems heavily biased to GTA4 even within the application itself.

Anyway, it still does not work and still hangs on the “Initialization” screen.

I have replied back to R* on Twitter, see if they come back with anything else.

The other odd thing is (and i might have mentioned this before) but the RSC never seems to make any attempt to start up with the game? Nor have i ever been asked to punch the code in, found on the back of the user manual?

Well see…

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