Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Max Payne 3 - Still no joy

Even though i managed to sort the NSIS error, i still cannot get Max Payne 3 to run.

I did however come across a modified .exe file while trying to find a solution. Interestingly 2 .dll files also came packaged with the .exe

I renamed the original .exe file and copied across the new one to see what would happen.

Oddly enough…


I got an error saying the .dll files are missing?

So i copied them across and dropped them in the same folder as the .exe itself…

This time.. i got further than the legal screen! To the loading screen… and that was it!


The music was playing and the an instruction at the bottom of the screen pops up saying “Press <Return> to continue” or something, which than changes to the LOADING… as you can see in the image above…

And that's it… wont go any further!

I also came across the folder rename and registry edit that some folk seem to have had success with. Sadly didn't work for me, for both the original and modded .exe file!

That info can be found on the Steam forums at…


And if you want to have a go at switching the file I’ve uploaded the .rar file here…


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  1. Thank's for the steam links (I haven't found it on the forum). I just downloaded the library http://fix4dll.com/msvcp140_dll and it worked! The game worked great after rebooting the system.