Friday, 1 June 2012

Max Payne 3 - NSIS Error?

OK so I'm trying to install MP3 onto my PC and getting nothing but an infernal NSIS Error pop up every time i attempt to start the game.

As i first click the icon from the start menu a brief update checker appears followed by a message saying a required update is available… like this…


The auto updater appears to download something along the lines of… its a bit quick on screen so i dont catch it in time…


This is followed by the following error message…


Solutions i have attempted…

  • Repair install - didn't work
  • Complete uninstall and reinstall - didn't work
  • All temp files and dud registry entry's cleared out using CCleaner - didn't work
  • Attempted an install as noted at using the /NCRC switch - didn't work
  • Disabled all installed firewall and anti-virus software - no help…

If i click OK on that box the MP3 dialogue changes to…


Attempting to run in “Offline Mode” just yields…


But if the crappy self installer is failing how the hell am i supposed to get past this?

Interestingly on the first install it seemed to download 1-2 small patches followed by the one mentioned above before failing.

On following attempts it doesn't seem to try for the two smaller ones?

Are they located somewhere and haven't been removed via the previous uninstall? Can they be manually deleted so the installer has a proper go again?

Thanks for any help if you come across the same problem Smile


Solution at the following post

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