Saturday, 2 June 2012

Max Payne 3 - NSIS Error - [Solution]

Well after quite a bit of head scratching, and swearing…

I came to the conclusion that there was nothing wrong with the discs supplied with my copy of MP3, after doing a disc check and then copying them to the HDD and installing directly from there.

The only thing left i could think of was a borked patch file from the auto updaters download. As this NSIS error was only cropping up when that was taking place.

But… you try and find a manually downloadable copy of the patch files from Rock*… the convenience of these auto-updaters may be great for the tech-unsavvy, but i still prefer the minor inconvenience of selecting and downloading my own patches…

Anyway, with the task manager open, on a few attempts i managed to catch the patch .exe file in the list…


Right clicking and opening the properties shows the file is located in

c:\users\<your login name>\AppData\Local\Temp

So i punched that into Explorer and sure enough….


You should find the rogue .exe files.


Then have another go at starting MP3 so the auto updater returns. It should now download a fresh copy of the .exe!


You may see it pause and hand a few times with the (Not Responding) comment in the top bar, just give it time and let it get over itself.

Great success! This time it went on and seemed to start the game quickly before coming back to the desktop.

At least this little problem is corrected. Not that the NSIS error box ever gave any reasonable information nor did their poxy website…

So if you do see an NSIS error, one highly likely problem is a corrupt file.

Again in this case the downloaded patch file was the problem, but it was stuck in the temp folder where the auto updater already assumed it was downloaded and kept trying to reinstall that same duff .exe


  1. c:\users\\AppData\Local\Temp
    когда выдает ошибку не спешите нажимать ОК
    с папки temp копируете фал в другую папку. закрываете лаунчер и копируете его обратно (важно что бы названия были такие-же как и были !!!) потом запускаете лаунчер и повторяете процедуру пока не покачается полностью файл.

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