Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Forza 4 Affinity Level

While i do love the latest iteration of the Forza Motorsport brand, there is one thing that i have plenty of admiration for but also brings my biggest criticism to the table.

The revised Affinity System.

In the past Forza 3 had you level individual cars up to a maximum of 5 levels, which was done rather quickly once you were in the higher skilled race series.

Levelling up cars would unlock discounts for the parent manufacturer, so you would need to level up several cars from one manufacturer in order to get the higher discounts. So racing a Fiesta, Focus and GT40 would all work for the Ford marque.

In Forza 4 this has now changed so the marque itself is levelled up, to a cap of 50. Levelling up can be done using any of the marques available models.

Now this is all great and a much better system, you receive both money and discounts from levelling up the marques affinity.

However the discounts go as follows…

  • Level 1 - 25%
  • Level 2 - 50%
  • Level 3 - 75%
  • Level 4 - 100%

It only takes 4-5 races to get up to level 4 and then all the tuning parts become completely free.

Now this is great for some people who don't want to spend hours ploughing through races to earn money and then just bang every performance part onto their cars.

Personally i feel a bit cheated and let down by the system.

I would much rather have seen a linear discount for every level starting at 0 and up to 100% over the full 50. Effectively a building 2% discount for every level, so…

  • Level 1 - 2%
  • Level 2 - 4%
  • Level 3 - 6%
  • Level 49 - 98%
  • Level 50 - 100%

I would have much preferred this system as the challenge would have been substantially greater and getting to level 50 would make you feel like you have actually earned that 100% discount.

One would also have to work more carefully and spend money more wisely for upgrading vehicles in order to stay competitive.

The biggest shame is that Forza did not offer this sort of system, but on a user based selection. Where starting a new career could allow you to choose the easier Level 4 option and a harder option that would use the proposed 50 level system, but with perhaps some benefits such as double affinity prize money or something.

I will get serious longevity out of Forza 4 as i have with previous version, i just feel this would have been a nice solution in order to maximise the entertainment.

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