Saturday, 19 September 2009

The Sims 3 Crashing and Corrupt Save Files – Part 2!

OK… some good news ever since my original post relating to this! Which can be found here! Which a few people seem to have found useful through restoring at least some of your progress.

I have since updated the game to the latest version which is, however the crashing of and corruption of the save files has not stopped!

So i decided to do a hunt myself through the interweb’s and came across the following information.

I say no higher than 4 because I'm using an ultra fast Intel i7 975 quad core processor with two nvidia gtx295 cards (not bragging - I didn't design the dang thing, but it is the fastest CPU/GPU processor combo available at the time of this writing) and anything higher than 4 and it crashes to desktop, so I am assuming that 4 must be the max for most multi-core processors using nvidia cards (and more than likely ATI cards as well), and as usual this may not be the case for your computer so start at a low number - test - then if no crash take it up a notch to see if your computer can take it. If it crashes, take it back down a notch.
NOTE: Don't attempt any fancy graphics card enhancements or overclocking, just leave your settings to default until you have stabilized the game. This also proved fatal when I tried some fancy-pants graphics card settings, though for you SLI'ers I am using with success an SLI setting of MAXIMUM RENDERED FRAMES 8 and 4 GPU ALTERNATE FRAME RENDERING 2, but only AFTER I got the game stabilized on its own.
The maximum HIGH DETAILED LOTS when stepped down from MAX (regardless of the power of your computer or graphics card), as well as uninstalling the EADM until a fix comes out for it, has successfully ENDED all crashing to the desktop and save errors.
I reduced HIGH DETAILED LOTS from 16 (max) to 8 this reduced, but did not eliminate the crash to desktop and save errors. I reduced it to 6 (even less crashing) and finally I set it to 4 and this seems to eliminate ALL crashing to the desktop and even the infamous SAVE ERROR 12 or 13). In fact, I got an ERROR 13 on a save when I had the high detailed lots set to 8, then set it to 4 and it saved the game without a problem. I also tried bumping high detailed lots back up to 8 and voila...CRASH in 30 seconds

Which i found at this link –> CLICK HERE!

I personally checked this out, and i can confirm.. it DOES work! :D The crashing and error 12 and error 13 messages have not appeared since i dropped the High Detail Lots down to 4!

The game now seems to run flawless and you don't keep loosing data or have to keep saving every 5 minutes :D

OK, so some loss in graphics, which we can only blame EA for having crap programming as per usual, but at least you can enjoy the game much more! Trust me, it doesn't bother the senses that much! As you spend most of your time looking at one building in particular :)

Happy playing!

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