Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The Sims 3 Update ( - Part 1

Ok so i haven't played TS3 for a while. Mainly due to being busy. But I've been in no rush to carry on with the game, due to to all the problems it is currently having!

This evening however i decided to give it another go. And low and behold there is now an update! Although I'm not sure if I'm late with the release of this!


However… straight into a series of problems!

Clicking OK gives me the following message!


I can assure you EA… there is plenty of space on my hard drive!

Clicking OK again just shows you the download progress… making no progress at all!


Now.. i read the numbers 20244448 in there… one would assume that is the number of bytes to download!

So that equates to roughly 20megabytes???

Yet the hard drive in my PC with the least amount of space still has 38gig on tap!

Anyone have ANY ideas how to get this to download? Or a possible external link so i don’t have to associate myself with the crappy EADM…

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