Thursday, 18 June 2009

More tragic iPhone discoveries!

OK, so last night when 3.0 was released for the iPhone i may have got a little bit noisy, very quickly!

I woke up this morning thinking i had gone a bit too far with my initial comments and was seriously thinking about making amends and giving a bit more time before going into rant mode!

But no i have decided to leave it be and get grumpy again tonight as today i yet again feel let down!

On my last post i mentioned that Internet Tethering was one of the things i am very happy to see is now included, so falling upon 15minutes of free time today i decided to fire the laptop and check it out.

To sets up the Internet Tethering you need to go into the settings of the iPhone, find Network under the General Settings and then select “Set Up Internet Tethering”

The first thing you see is a message pop up saying that you need to enable Tethering via the O2 website… ok no problem, select Go To Website. Fully expecting to just be accepting a fair usage agreement I'm now sat in amazement that the only thing on screen is a message informing me about Internet Tethering Bolt On’s!

I'm sorry… but I've already signed my name against an “Unlimited Data” package.

But the best bit is…

  • 3GB @ £14.66 per month - (£4.88/GB)
  • 10GB @ £29.36 per month – (£2.93/GB)


That is absolutely absurd! Not to mention, a complete rip-off!

OK you get unlimited WIFI… that said you get that as standard with an iPhone tariff, although it is a con and its not truly unlimited, there is a fair usage policy behind it!

It is oddly very similar priced to O2s own mobile broadband packages at the moment too, which makes me believe its just hoping off the same system, but lack of dongle = iPhone usage, don't forget the iPhone battery is crap and a Bluetooth internet connection will destroy you! So you need a sync cable with you as it is!

May as well just get the dongle and not have to worry about using iTunes everywhere no doubt, and have the added ability to quickly swap it into any computer/laptop.

However to compare similar mobile broadband packages, 3 currently offer a 24month contract which gives you 15GB for £15 per month, obviously equalling £1/GB.

On the other hand T-Mobile seem to be even worse! Offering 5GB for £30 per month! A whopping £6/GB!

Really mobile broadband is just pretty much a well rounded rip-off. But O2 are taking the biscuit with customers already paying for “unlimited” data access! Although if they were offering unlimited tethering for a more reasonable additional bolt on of £5 per month then i would be very interested!

After all 3 offer exactly this, and I've had no problem with using my N95 to connect wirelessly to the internet.

Here's hoping well see some sense come from this in future…

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