Tuesday, 30 June 2009

iPhone failing to connect and sync with iTunes.

OK, over the last few weeks i have come to notice that my iPhone 3G has been having some serious problems connecting with iTunes. Put simply it doesn't, except for the seemingly very odd and random times, such as when iTunes has been running for an hour or so and the iPhone has been sat in its dock for the same amount of time, it suddenly just decides its “there” and does a sync…

Of course, no connection = no sync and no putting music etc. onto it, you know the drill… highly annoying to boot.

So a hunt round the internet brings little joy, many people having the same problem it would seem, especially with the latest version of iTunes (8.2 at the time of writing).

I found some possible solutions but no joy. From checking services are running to reinstalling iTunes.

I consulted Apple and then promptly filed them back under, “utterly useless”.

So this evening I'm getting a little fed up and decided on having a look round.

The odd thing is, Windows (a proper operating system) quite happily detects the iPhone and will allow you to fumble around in its camera folders at will. So the PC can definitely see it.

The strange thing is, when you look under the Device Manager, which you can find by doing the following (in Vista)…

Before you check this, make sure your iPhone is connect and iTunes has failed to find it, but Windows knows its there.

  • Click the Start Orb
  • Right Click “Computer”
  • Select “Manage”
  • Select “Device Manager” in the left hand column
  • Click the + sign next to “Portable Devices”

Portable Devices should then open out and you will see “Apple iPhone” in the list.


If you right click “Apple iPhone” there will be an option to Update Driver Software. Clicking this will give you the option to check the web for updates.

This is not the solution however, but if you do attempt it, it may (or at least mine did) will tell you that the driver is “up to date” for your “Digital Still Camera”


This isn't right, clearly!

So… have a go at this, it seems to have worked for me so far…

  • Make sure iPhone is connected, iTunes has failed to find it, but Windows can. (You can make sure of this by clicking the Start Orb, followed by “Computer” and it should be listed).
  • Return to the Device Manager and locate Apple iPhone under Portable Devices
  • Right Click Apple iPhone and select “Uninstall”
  • You will get a warning that you are going to Uninstall your device… Click OK
  • Apple iPhone should then vanish from the Portable Devices list.
  • Now close everything, including iTunes
  • Disconnect your iPhone
  • Wait a few seconds and listen for the noise Windows makes when a USB device is removed.
  • Reconnect the iPhone
  • You should hear Windows make the noise that its found it, and with a bit of luck in the bottom right hand corner, a balloon will pop up telling you, “Installing New Hardware”, basically Windows is reinstalling the iPhone driver.
  • Give it a moment or two and cross your fingers…
  • Mine came to a stop and said “Finished Installing Apple iPhone” a few seconds later iTunes started automatically and there it was in the left hand column again, and it went straight into a sync.

This has so far been a one off success. I have no idea if it will happen next time that iTunes has a fit, in which case ill probably be testing it again tomorrow!

Good luck! Leave a comment if this has been a success for you :)

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