Monday, 17 March 2008

Mass Effect New Mission

Recently Bioware announced a new mission available through DLC on Xbox Live called Bring Down The Sky and available for 400 MS Points.

The mission involves the not yet seen Batarian Alien Race, who gets mentioned in the main installment of the game but never make an official appearance until now.

The plot involves a group of Batarian terrorists taking control of an asteroid setup for mineral mining and have set the fusion thrusters for a collision course with a near by planet.

Of course it’s your mission to stop the rogue aliens and save the planet!

The mission is a nice addition to the game and just simply adds a new direction accessed through the Galaxy map when you’re aboard the Normandy.

Once downloaded you either play it from anywhere in the game that you have access to the Galaxy Map, or do as I did and pull up an old saved game if you have already finished the walk through or aren’t far enough through yet on a new walkthrough.

Bioware claim it will take around 90mins to play the mission although I could see some more experienced users finishing around the 1 hour mark, but there are quite a few extra bits on the asteroid to go and explore and discover just by driving round in the Mako. This can add up a little extra time and my personal time was probably round the 1hr 45mins mark, including taking my time to make it last a bit!

A few new visuals have been added into the mix and some unseen-so-far defense weapons, including rocket launchers that hide in armored bunkers until you are in range, and rocket launchers that move up and down along a linear track.

Also one of the main points of the mission is surrounded by ‘Blasting Caps’ which use a proximity system that you must adhere to or risk being blown to bits!

Also as said before the Batarian's make a show, which will hopefully become a fixture in future DLC and versions of Mass Effect.On another note Mass Effect has been announced it is being ported to PC with enhanced graphics which the PC can of course deliver if you have the required hardware.

I personally will probably do my next ‘walkthrough’ on PC hoping the mouse will offer much better aiming capabilities during a firefight, as the third person+stick combination of the Xbox made it tricky in some occasions to accurately control.

As for a conclusion if you’re a die hard Mass Effect fan, you will love the addition with something new to do and the extension to the story itself. But if you got bored of clearing the galaxy map in the first place you might choose to skip it.

Personally id give it a 7/10, where game play, graphics and storyline is still top of the range, but longevity is a little lacking…Link below for official site

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