Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year!

So we begin 2008! No difference as far as im concerned!

Gaming for the Year2008 seems to be looking good for gaming ill give it that. GTAIV for Xbox360 and PS3 will be an instant smash without fail, hopefully well see the comedy of all the numbnuts trying to get this one banned aswell! With politicians blaming it for kids doing bad things and all that usual guff!

GT5 also set for the PS3 sometime this year, which will be the point that i actually buy a PS3, in which case im hoping the 80gig model makes it to the UK.

Also im hoping Alan Wake is finally going to make a show this year, although i have seen dates for 13th March penned in for its release, ok its a cross platformer, but im looking forward to running it on the PC more than anything, with plenty of GPU grunt to run those gorgeous textures that weve all been teased with for the last year or so!

As for PC gaming in general, ive not really done anything at all on the PC, as regards Hellgate or anything like that, in fact ive not installed it since my OS went tits up a few weeks back, so ive not even had a blast now patch0.7 has been introduced!

For gaming in general, all my attention has been diverted to the Xbox360 playing Mass Effect over the Christmas/New Year period which is all ive done appart from the various celebrations and parties!

Now Mass Effect is an RPG set in a future and by default, you take control of Commander Shepherd, now i say 'by defualt' as you can create your own custom charachter at the start of the game to take pretty much any shape or form that you may desire! Personally i couldnt be too bothered, so just carried on with the main man himself.

The main plot and map is based in an absolutely huge... well galactic.... well... you map IS a galaxy! In which case you spend a bit of time on the 'Citadel' built by an alienrace supposedly 50,000 years ago, yet slightly on into the game you are given the freedom and your own space craft to start exploring and carrying out missions and assignments throughout the game.

There is one main plot so far, with an agent called  Spectre, who are special operatives of whats known as the 'Council' or the 3 races that currently govern an area known as 'Concil Space'. Although so far the rouge agent has gone AWOL and is set to resurect a dangerous AI race to what would seem, destruction of civilization!

I must admit this game has been out for a short while now and im only so far in, but savouring it as much as possible at the moment as this is truely one of the best RPG's i have EVER played!

I was talking to my brother and mentioned the fact mentioned before, and that ive never played an RPG this good since my days on the Amiga600! Seriously, i think decision orientated RPGs have been crap since way back then, so this is an absolute refreshment in the RPG genre.

Although to that statement my brother replied... what about Shenmue? A long lost forgot gem!

In which case i rephrase! This is the best RPG since Shenmue on DreamCast!

BUT... there is a huge problem with this... Shenmue was an immense RPG game with a superb story line in which you took control of the charachter Ryo Hazuki. This was followed by the huge world of Shenmue2 which had me fixated for the months completeing every last little bit.

Now any Shenmue fans reading this, will now be thinking the same thing... Shenmue was ported to DreamCast only, and was always aimed to be a trilogy, and part 2 was left on an absolute cliff hanger... so everyone was left on the edge of their seats waiting for the final installment to come along.... and then the DreamCast brand went bust!!!!

This was around the time when the first Xbox came out and alot of hope and speculation rumoured that the 3rd part was to be made for the Xbox, but nothing ever came about. So will we ever find out what happens?

Well if you check the net every now and then, theres always something recent and floating about that the final installment will be made one day...

i hope so! As some of us have been wating about 5 years now for the end of the story, you wouldne be impressed if Rowling got to the last third of one of the Potter books and said.... 'sod it, me pens runs out and i cant be arsed!'

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