Sunday, 9 December 2007

Hellgate London Slowing Down? Part 3…

Well patch 0.6 has been implemented to the game, but the bogging down to a complete stop, is still happening! But then again the so called memory leak problems dont seem to be due for repair till patch 0.7 :-(

Anyway, i havnt been online for the best part of two weeks for gaming, due to work commitments, and this is set to happen through the whole of 2008, so im looking to buy a good quality laptop to allow me to continue while away!

I know a decent laptop will cost more than a decent desktop and the costs are pretty high for what you get, but itll be justified non the less. A good screen will allow good movie playback aswell, as the current laptop i use is a bit crap on most fronts and 'makes do'... id rather have a bit of quality and then the option to do some gaming on top of that.

So far things are boiling down to the Dell M1730 and the Alienware Area-51 M9750, and i have concidered the likes of Rock and others in the process, but these two are giving best performance for cost. Although Dell does now own Alienware, its a bit of a tough choice!

The Dell does come with a slightly better processor spec, but the the Alienware has slightly better GPU and inbuilt TV tuner spec... both have decent Audio upgrades, and this makes me wonder how you can get these differences between the two 'marques'?

The thing is i do need the added GPU power to potentially support some of the CAD work i have to deal with. I know NVIDIA to have their Quadro systems designed specific for CAD with the GeForce systems beign game orientated, but ive never had too many problems with 'medium complexity' CAD work using the gaming chipsets. Just tends to suffer when things start getting a little more intense.

As for the looks of the two machines, the Alienware has the simple and subtle matt black finish while the Dell has the mad holographic surface finish and array of discolights, to be honest i think the Alienware will get less undesired attention! Although the Dell does also have an illuminated keyboard and the Logitech display as found on the G series keyboard (which i use with my desktop) which is brilliant if you ask me! Shame the Alienware doesnt at least have the keyboard lit.

All will be revealed soon!


  1. I've been having this same problem, after 10-15 minutes into the game, it just starts slowing down to a point which is almost unplayable.

    I'm glad to find somebody else in the same boat.

  2. Hi sihumchai.

    Must admit i can go a little longer than 15minutes so it must be a variable problem system to system...

    Hopefully, as mentioned, it will be sorted around the time that patch 0.7 becomes live, as it really is a pain in the backside, especially when your in the heat of battle! Only to find out you died a painful death upon return to the game or when it eventually starts moving again!