Sunday, 2 December 2007

Hellgate London Slowing Down? Part 2...

Continuing from what i was saying yesterday about HG:L slowly crawling to a painful stop(!) whilst playing today i have been running memory diagnostics with the game running, and it seems a common conclusion, cross referencing to the HG:L forums that some of this is caused by memory leaks.

Albeit, not uncommon for such a new game, its nice to get an understanding on what may be a cause and luckily the HG:L team are in the process of sorting alot of this with the next two patches, being 0.6 and 0.7.

Im not quite sure if 0.6 has been deployed as of yet as the news real on the launcher still mentions 0.5 and ive not seen anything website wise giving a definate time for its addition.

Until then, if you do find the game starts to bind up, just shut it off and restart your machine to clear all the residual crap from the memory and then carry on... at least it gives you chance for a quick break to go and grab some munchies and then pile in full force again :-D

 Patch links...

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