Thursday, 22 November 2007

Ticket Tout Scum...

If your of a nervous dispostion i suggest you dont read this post! Serious rant mode! 

You know who you are...

Your the slimey little shite who doesnt even deserve to dwell your insignificant worthless life on the sole of my shoe! I dont care if you can make a 'few quid' from the person who is a genuine fan and would like to attend the gig!

If your lost at this point allow me to elaborate!

Early this week Radio 1 announced a major live concert at the new Wembley Stadium featuring the one and only Foo Fighters and if you read a week back youll know we attended the gig at Nottingham Arena and loved every second of it. So its only natural that this goes down on the hitlist for next years To Do list!

Now we had a stroke of luck where my girlfriend had the pass to purchase tickets early, which went through seemingly well, only for the website to then decline her card several hours later :-( although all is not lost as tickets are also available tomorrow!

However i decided to see what would be happening on the likes of eBay where the usual inbred-cave-dwelling-retards tend to peddle their warez.

Low and behold if you do a search you get a list of around 170 adverts on eBay from various smacktards selling their hard-to-come-by tickets.

Why cant you bunch of spiteful wankers just fuck off back under the rock you came from! And let geniune fans get tickets with ease for the CORRECT PRICE and thus enjoy the concert!!

Think i dont like these people? Well... if you are a tout, a) i wouldnt piss on you if you were on fire... b) i hope you die a painful death... c) i hope your next shit is a hedgehog... d) i hope eBay and other sites have the decency to fuck you over!

And for the ones who buy 'extra' to sell on to cover YOUR expenses... well i hope you loose YOUR tickets... fuckers!*
*ill give you the benefit of the doubt if you cant make it for other reasons but sell tickets for face value!

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Sorry about that, but this really winds me up and i feel sorry for the genuine people who miss out due to some people!

I promise my next post will be a little less blue!

Foo Fighters FTW!


  1. I couldn't agree more. My fella and I were also at the Nottingham gig and it blew our socks off but at a price off £106.99 thanks ebay!!

  2. Hi cat, thanks for the reply!

    The gig was indeed a sock removing experience and im already buzzing 7 months before the next one starts!

  3. I remember getting on a train and travelling to Leicester Square for the first night of Goldeneye with my girlfriend for a special date. We turned up 3 hours early only to find they'd sold out (I honestly didn't think about advance ticket sales in our current multiplex world).

    Luckily for me I found a ticket tout outside the cinema where I managed to get a ticket for 2 times the list price but importantly we didn't have to go home disappointed. I was instead treated Bond renaissance style and had a really enjoyable night. So I was glad the tout was there. It was win-win.

    I don't see what needs changing. The main thing you need to know is what they are offering is real. And technology is advancing on that point. I don't see the problem with it.

    Let it go! supply and demand...