Friday, 23 November 2007

Looking Good!

Well after yesterdays little outburst i can announce today i am a little calmer! Although theres now over 700 ads on eBay for tickets going for nearly 250quid for a pair!

Although tickets for the Foos gig sold out in something like 10minutes this morning, another date was announced :-D and it looks like we have been lucky enough to get some this time :-D

Also while im here Crysis does indeed run like a bag of crap! I am only managing about 10FPS while trying to play, which is just rubbish! Although i could do with trying to run it in dx9 mode to see if it makes any difference?

Having said that, im still enjoying HG:L which has recently been patched to v0.5 and alot of the initial problems seem to have been ironed out nicely :-)

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