Sunday, 4 November 2007

Hellgate London Release

I took delivery of Hellgate London on Friday afternoon and have probably spent a good 10-12 hours playing it over the weekend.

After enjoying the BETA prior to it release, this has so far lived upto expectations and has been a fun ride so far.

I was a little dubious with how easy the initial levels appeared to be, but so far so good, things are starting to hot up a little bit! With the beauty of the multiplayer being exactly that, i dont think it will be long before it will be a struggle to go on quests alone.

Ive not had any offers of a team based assault on the demons so if you see 'Jaxxx' roaming around (as an Engineer) anywhere, give me a shout :-D

The game has ran very well so far, but does seem to begin to lag and slow down heavily after a certian time, although i dont expect it to be perfect at the moment!

As for STALKER from 2 posts ago, even though i mentioned a few tips to try and help it play, ive had very little luck what-so-ever! I can only play 10 minutes into the game, to the point where you fight over the 'car park' i think it is, and thats about it, the game will lock up and CTD! :-(

Although reading the net does point towards furthar patches coming out in future. I sure hope so, as im quite pleased with the very limited experience ive had so far! The atmosphere in the game is superb and very gritty, plus im kind of facinated with the whole Chernobyl disaster and what happened with Prypiat etc... OK so some fictional additions are added in, but the FPS element and the story line point it towards something ill like a lot! If it would work correct!

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