Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Crysis Crisis!

A slow start to getting Crysis going! I had it installed last night but upon great faliure! Didnt seem to want to run at all and mostly caused me to hit CTRL+ALT+DEL to find it had already crashed itself!

I came to the conclusion that this is something to do with a 64bit version of the game starting up, when i went for a hunt round the games file folders, in which you will find a 'Bin64' and 'Bin32' folder...

As i said, it seems the .exe in the Bin64 folder is the one trying to get going. The odd thing is, there are two exe files in there(?) one with a file version of and the other named as Crysis64 but with a version of

Either of these seem to fail and crash with seconds of trying to get it going.

Failing that another shortcut can be found in the Bin32 folder which has the same version, yet this seems to fire up nicely and the game gets going, would appear then, the 64bit version is a bit buggy at the moment! Shame, but pretty typical!

Then when i got the game up and running i found that my screen had gone very strange, namely i could only move the pointer around in the bottom right 3/4's of the screen and although the icons were lighting up (as if i were passing over them) the pointer was actually several inches away.

Obviously a problem with screen resolution, but there is no easy means of trying to change anything while in this state! Unless you manage to guess the pointer position and eventually get to the resolution controls!

Fear not though as help is at hand! (You will have to CTRL+ALT+DEL and dump the game at this point)

Go to the following folder - C:\Users\*your user name*\Documents\My Games\Crysis\

You will find a file called 'game.cfg'


Find the following two values...

r_Height =
r_Width =

They will most likely be different from your wanted screen resoltuion, so manually change them to whatever you use for gaming,. If your not sure, go to Display Properties and have a look what it is set at, i had to change mine to the following as i use a 1680x1050 20" wide screen...

r_Height = 1050
r_Width = 1680

Restart the game and you shouldnt have any crazy pointer madness when it goes to the initial menu :-)

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