Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Code 39!!1!

A random one for this evening!

Placing a DVD into the respective drive on my machine, hoping to enjoy watching the feature. Ive noticed that nothing has actually happened after a minute or so, from when i inserted the disc? No autoplay, no Media Player opening... nothing?

So im thinking possibly, theres no autoplay on the DVD itself so open Explorer to go and give it a kick to get going, but to my suprise i have no D:\ or E:\ drives showing up in the folder list!

Obviously confused, i checked out the Device Manager and came across the following discovery...

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Both DVD drives are shown with the yellow marker notifying that something has gone wrong(!) so i try right clicking and checking the properties where it should explain the problem. In which case im told the device has been disabled due to the drivers being corrupt and in brackets telling me its a (Code 39).

First of all i tried the 'Update Driver' button but to no avail. Followed by doing an 'Uninstall' and rebooting the machine and allowing Vista to sort them out on the way in... agin, fail!

Stumped! I refer to the Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) and hunt down an answer and according to article 314060 this problem is mostly caused by removing DVD or CD software which then leave some of the registry in a state and cause the optic drives to loose the plot! However, personally, i havnt recently removed any such software! This seems to have been a random occurance?

If you follow the guid from MS on the following link...


This will explain how to mod the registry and hopefully sort the problem out, just to let you know it worked a treat on mine! After deleting the Registry Keys and rebooting, both my drives appeared in the folder list!

As said, this involves modding the system registry, and as the KB article says BACK UP THE REGISTRY BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING! So if you make a mess you can reinsate it!

 On a slightly different note, ive recently pulled down the 163.79 NVIDIA drivers to check them out and also the 169.04 BETA if i can be bothered. As mentioned a few posts ago i was going to check out 163.71 BETA but as the WHQL version had been pretty damn stable i didnt bother wasting anytime, although 163.69 did bomb to nvlddmkm a couple of times, also a new version of nTune at 5.05.54 to go with it.

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