Saturday, 24 November 2007

Aldwych at night.

During a recent session on Hellgate London i have come across a problem regarding one of the first quest's when you start Act 3.

The quest is namely at Aldwych of which one of the portals is named and you will find the destination to be pitch black!

What you should have received, are some 'laser goggles' from the NPC who also sets you the quest, so the first thing to do is of course, equip them.

Now if your experiencing the same problem as me... as soon as you enter Aldwych you will find no difference, pitch black with Imps and other nastys running at you, even with the laser goggles equipped. In which case you should have a 'beam' of light like a torch, partially illuminating everything.

This problem should only be apparent if you are using Vista as it appears that it is a DirectX10 problem, and the way to work around it is to run the game in dx9.

What you will find is with using Vista and the necessary hardware, dx10 will automatically be used, although i think you have the option of selecting to use dx9 in the HG:L's options?

Anyway, you can use this method as a work around, go to the following folder...
(note MP_64 = Mulitplayer 64bit, if you want 32bit then choose MP_32 or replace for SP_xx if you are playing single player)

C:\Program Files\Flagship Studios\Hellgate London\MP_x64

In the folder you should find 2 .exe start files named as if you are to use dx9 and dx10, and of course to get round the problem, fire up the game from the dx9 version, job done, you should now be able to use the laser goggles :-)

Although I've just been dumped from the server about 3 times in the last 30minutes so I'm going to give it a rest!

While I'm on this thought, i cant believe how much of a difference dx10 is over dx9! Most 'new' games i have played as of late have been using dx10, and after reading all the sceptics usual guff of 'it makes no difference', playing HG:L in dx9 seems to make a whopping difference on my system!

The 3D rendering when using dx10 looks superb compared to playing it with dx9 which tends to make everything look a little bit flat! So I'm impressed there :-D in which case when i built my current rig i was concerned at the expense i had thrown at it with it being so early in the dx10 time, but its all becoming worth it! :-D


  1. I am having the same problem with the glasses not working in Aldwych in the single player mode and I am runnind DX9, can someone help?? At this stage as I'm sure you can's very frustrating.

  2. Having the same problem with dx9. Running p4 3.2 radeon 9600 pro 2 gigs ram. Game runs perfectly except for this little dark patch...please help!thanks alot...