Monday, 22 October 2007

A quick hello

Well i must admit, i have neglected my pages for a few weeks, but i assure you i've been a bit short on time.

One thing i have been doing alot of recently, is working on one of my other projects which is my car, in due time ill have more information up about that on here soon.

 As for PC stuff, i did get hold of STALKER, but so far it has refused to run on my PC, although again, i havnt had much time for it. Been enjoying the Hellgate London BETA and also ended up with the Crysis MP BETA aswell! So in that respect ive had loads to play around with, but i must admit recently ive been hooked on playing Garrys Mod! The type of game where you can literally loose whole days of your life!

 I was also intending to have a go at the latest NVIDIA drivers,  but being as the PC is very stable and performing nicely at the moment, ive left it be!

 Also thanks for the kind comments on my help page for the Kaspersky and Windows Update problems! Happy to help! :-D You can fnd it on one of the links to the right of this page, regarding the time update problem.

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