Saturday, 29 September 2007

New and upcoming

Well i was pleased today when i recieved an email back from Nvidia that i could now play Hellgate London on BETA test :-D

This title looked interesting from the press and i was interested in seeing what it was like.

Now one thing is, ive never really been into the MMORPG games, as ive never really found one that i like the 'theme' of. Although HG:L promises an apocolyptic humans vs. demons battle bassed 25 years in the future after the fall of a the legend that when the ravens leave the Tower Of London, then all hell will break loose... excuse the pun!

As i said i recieved my key to play the BETA version but essentially commiting to buy, always a plus point if you ask me. So after downloading and installing im then to find that the login servers are currently down and nobody can get on at the moment :-D never mind!

On another note ive decided to purchase S.T.A.L.K.E.R and have go at that. As again its something that appeals, being another disaster zone type game. Should keep me occupied for when Crysis is out :-D

Funnily enough HG:L also released about a week prior to Crysis!

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