Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Bioshock Final Chapter


Well, ive made it to the end of Bioshock! I became a Big Daddy and went on to defeat Fontain to the death, and quite happily i was rewaded with the good ending, from what i discovered there to be two alternatives. Basically i had the ending where Jack gets back to the surface and escapes Rapture after being handed the key to the city (which you turn down) and bring all the little sisters back and help them on to 'normal' lives. Although the ending was a little short lived and moderately predictable, it surpassed!

Ill say it again, this has been THE best game of 2007 and im sure hoping a sequal will be released to this, in which case ive seen a few web snippets saying it could be a reality around 2009 :-D and hopefully as ive said before, someone will do a mod to allow you to play around with that pretty damn cool Unreal engine!

As for gaming im pretty bored now :-D i would play Halo 3 if i had been anywhere near the other 2 as that seems to be getting all the press at the moment.

Failing that, Crysis is out in November, so im sure that will provide ample entertainment over the Winter period.

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