Sunday, 23 September 2007

163.69 Update

Well so far so good, the Nvidia 163.69 drivers seem to have aided stability to some degree and also interestingly a few new options in nTune seem to have opened up.

Most noticeably a function to give priority to games to the network... interesting and clever! Although i cant say ive suffered any problems from the chipset or the connection itself when gaming. It has always mostly been down to me forgetting to allow it through the firewall! :-D

Its not improved Bioshock in much way though, it still randomly crashes out when doing certain things (vendors and picking up tonics/plasmids) although im convinced now this is a program issue with the game itself rather than the graphics drivers.

Can see myself finishing it before any improvement is made though!!

One thing i would like to see is a mod for Bioshock to let you play around with the Physics Engine like the Garrys Mod (GMod) lets you do with Counter Strike and Half Life 2.

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