Monday, 13 August 2007

Vista Problem Solutions

This is one thing i do like about Vista, the fact that it goes off and finds solutions for problems that have been encountered, i wouldnt say it is obviously fool proof, but doesnt do a bad job.

Today it has informed me that from a few crashes from some components of Nero 7 Pro that there is a new driver ( to be exact) in which case i was on a very old version, something like Now i had tried to use the Nero self updating system, which seems to be crap and just makes use of itself by crashing... probably the main flag for the Solutions.

Although the Solutions box then did send me off to the right place on the Nero website to then download the latest version and updates for my install of Nero. Low and behold its all working very smooth now! So thumbs up on that one.

On the same subject it was also directed to the Creative site for some new drivers for my sound card. Now i already had a copy of the latest drivers released from the end of May sometime, and the last time i had this particular one running (SBXF_PCDVT_LB_2_15_0002 againt to be precise) i had no end of problems with the microphone... also Creative drivers can be a pain in the arse sometimes as a registry value seems to be entered to detect if you have done a restart or not, and sometimes it doesnt work! Meaning you have to turf the offending value out of the registry, and while im on this, dont try messing around to find it... download a program called CCleaner (formerly known as Crap Cleaner i think) and run the registry cleaner within that (BACK IT UP FIRST!) works a treat! :)

There were also several other problems flagged by solutions, but didnt really come up with any solutions, mostly saying something along the lines of We are investigating this problem hopefully some of the 100,000 Nvidia error reports my PC has sent will be in there somewhere!!

And finally on a comedy note... one solution was to install update K991162A1 because of a problem caused by the ASUS 2000G to which i was very confused and thought it was some controller on the MotherBoard perhaps???

A quick search on the internet reveals ive had a charging faliure on my laptop battery...

Neither does my computer have a battery... nor is it a laptop!

OK, OK, so Solutions isnt 'Perfect'!!!!

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