Sunday, 19 August 2007

EA Uninstaller

On a new problem from my recent NVIDIA strife! Once upon a time i decided to download the demo of Need For Speed Carbon from EA Link that was on offer.

As you can imagine, i had the notion that i would like to spend my hard earned cash with EA in return for a copy of NFS:Carbon but duly would like to try the demo first just to be sure I'm going to like it.

Anyway, in true EA Demo fashion it didn't work! And for one i couldn't figure, or could actually be bothered to figure out, how to get it going! EAInstall.dll could not be found and therefore would not allow me to turf of the program! Even an attempt of using the Uninstall Programs from the Control Panel offered no solution.

Also in true EA stance, they provde sod all information on helping this problem!

Luckily the good old internet did provide me with a solution! Which i found on the following link on, regarding that a confusion with it being spyware will cause the dll to vanish!

Click here!

For the full solution ive included a section which you will find on the right of these pages for recovery and placement of the missing file.

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