Sunday, 26 August 2007


Well i must admit, Bioshock has got to be so far one of the gaming highlights of 2007,  and it hasn't done much to disappoint so far!

The game-play is superb, the visuals and graphics are mind blowing and the aura and fidelity of that game are terrifying!

I like games that make the little hairs on you neck stand up, although this is not a game with random things jumping out from nowhere, as i said a moment ago, the ambience, noise and sounds, give this game its edge!

I must admit i have not put a huge amount of time into Bioshock so far, but will be no doubt loving it till the end!

I did have one miss-hap trying to install though. On my first attempt, i was set and ready to go, but clicking the start icon was just crashing Vista! So i had a trip onto the Internet to find any possible problems.

I soon came across quite a few disgruntled owners compiling how this-that-and-the-other had all gone wrong and were not working... not filling me with confidence!

 Anyway, the nite i installed, i of course had to be up early and left it be until i returned, in which case i uninstalled and reinstalled.

Now the most concerning thing when you do install is the fact that the game downloads a patch almost instantly! Id eexpect one within a month or so, but not that quick! Although it turns out it is some form of authentication program/file that it downloads to protect against ripped off copies.

Oddly the first time round the installation didn't ask me for the code that's printed on the back of the manual(?) yet the second time round it did! And luckily on the 2nd time round, it fired up!

Once inside and with the screen res and graphics cranked up i was treated first off with the incredible water rendering that the critics and reviews have been banging on about for the last few months as first of all you crash land into the sea at the Rapture surface gate thing which then takes you down to the underwater city itself. Truly superb!

Playing on so far, and some of the 'residents' of Rapture are a little grim to say the least! If you like your horror themed games and movies, then you'll love this! Without giving too much away for potential players (not that you wont have read this before!) all the inhabitants of the city have been playing with genetic modification, caused by the secretion of pure stem cells by a creature discovered under the ocean. Now unfortunately it all started to go a bit out of hand and everyone ended up turning on each other, with the use of these, and some quite frankly grotesque and bizarre, biological modifications, and your now up against these 'people' having to exploit the modifications on your own body (the character), of course i wont go on about this too much, just go out and BUY IT!

The only gripe i do have, is the game seems to crash whenever i try to use one of the Vendors, depicted with a clown? For some reason i encounter a total lock up, requiring a reset button hit :-S any info on that would be good!

Also on a good note, the 163.44 NVIDIA drivers have been playing nicely and i have had no problems what-so-ever as of late! :-D

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