Thursday, 23 August 2007

Bioshock arrival!

A day early!

I was promised by GAME that it will be here for play first thing on the day of release but i was expecting it to be here on THAT morning, so a big w00t to GAME on that one.

However i havnt played it yet, as i have been working on the Isle Of Wight and have pretty much only just got back home (around 10pm)!

To make matters worse, i have to go to Barrow In Furniss tomorrow! (Roughly 3-4 hours either way of where i live!)

So if i install this new game tonight ill be on it till 3 in the morning! And thinking back to my PS2 days... this is not good!

Who am i kidding! Ill have it ready for tomorrow and 'try it out for 15minutes'

 So far so good with the 163.44 drivers :-D and it should be time now to see DX10 in action :-D

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