Tuesday, 21 August 2007

BETA test!

You will be fed up of me mentioning and moaning about my graphics problems soon! :-D But I have a new thing i am going to try!!!

I have decided I am going to have a go at using the latest GeForce BETA drivers which are currently at version 163.44 as offered by NVIDIA themselves. (Got to nvidia.com, drivers and software, then pick the BETA link)

I know I may have mentioned my aversion to BETA drivers in the past but I am willing to give this a chance as they claim the fact of extra compatibility for Bioshock which is due for release this Friday (24th), in the UK that is.

As i have mentioned before I would like the rig to be running as best possible for this! Luckily I am going to have a few days from now to test if it runs ok and if I continue to get the dreaded nvlddmkm has stopped working looping error/failure/pain in the arse, problem.

Of course I will report back with my findings!

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