Tuesday, 7 August 2007


Strange one tonight. I had been a bit slow to notice that a new BIOS version for the P5N32-E (which is v.1203 BTW)

Now oddly when i came back into Vista, the graphics driver had gone nuts going back to a strange screen res of something like 1260x840 and with 16bit colours! Also the NVIDIA control panel refused to get going? So i tried a restart, but no change?

Confused i just reinstalled 158.24 drivers over the exisitng install, rebooted and everything seems fine again!

Cant understand why a BIOS update would affect the graphics driver? Comments on a postcard for that one!

On a similar note if BIOS is going to affect the Graphics i might have another go at the 162.22 driver! :o

On another note im finding this computer a pain to overclock correctly! I cant seem to get any stable or consistent setting that will boot everytime. Also on this note people talk about inputting values, that to me seem impossible to alter within the BIOS and just 'greyed out' with a black square? Am i missing something somewhere?

Another thing ive noticed is how the old ForceWare drivers collect under a folder on the C:\ drive, ill have a look at removing old stuff to conserve disk space shortly aswell.

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